“Lobbying for Locality Pay”

Some federal employees may have eyed their counterparts in Raleigh, N.C., covetously this year when workers there captured a 5.62 percent pay hike.

What’s the Raleigh secret? The city, along with Phoenix and Buffalo, N.Y., were marked for the first time to receive special locality payments as part of their yearly raise. They were taken out of the “Rest of U.S.” category for locality pay — which this year received a 2.83 percent increase — and were paid according to the labor market in their area.
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What does a successful lobbying effort for locality pay entail? According to Kim Ainsworth, executive director of the Greater Boston Federal Executive Board, it takes a close eye on the Federal Register, patience, a dash of political savvy and thorough research.

Lobbying for Locality Pay,” by Karen Rutzick, GovExec.com, January 19, 2006


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