Advice for college graduates and TV in Japan

Advice for recent college graduates

If you are about to graduate from college, there are three financial things you should definitely do once you get your real-world job.

First, make sure you sign up for the 401(k) plan or any similar retirement plan if it’s available. Second, through payroll deduction, set aside a percentage of your pay in a savings account (not checking) that you will not touch. This will be your emergency money. I suggest 10 percent from every paycheck.

And, if you are renting, get renter’s insurance.

Insuring Your Place in the Post-College World,” by Michelle Singletary, The Washington Post, April 27, 2006

Japanese TV

If you went gaga over that “lizard attacks girls wearing meat hats” video a while back, this will be welcome news. BoingBoing reader Gavin Purcell just launched a new blog about odd (at least to Westerners) stuff on television in Japan.

New blog about wacky crap on TV in Japan,” BoingBoing, April 26, 2006 (links to TV in Japan: This is what TV is like. In Japan.)

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