China’s “cheap” labor

Well, the Chinese are running out of those 19-year-old females just off the farm and ready to work for nothing. And they’ll continue to run out of them until Beijing’s leaders allow for private land ownership in the countryside, which will lead to realistic land valuation there, push even more people into the cities, and allow the accumulation of the capital necessary to further modernize the agricultural sector.
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But even [the Fifth Generation of Chinese leaders] would have to admit that there’s something deeply and structurally wrong with China’s economy when “even in the heartland of a booming China, peasants can make far more money collecting plastic trash bags, tin cans and the rubber soles of shoes than they can as farmers or ordinary day laborers.”

China’s ‘endless’ cheap labor. It was great while it lasted,” Thomas P.M. Barnett :: Weblog, April 6, 2006

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