Capitol Hill Workshop

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Capitol Hill Workshop Capitol Hill Workshop:
Politics, Policy, and Process

Intensive 3-day congressional operations workshop
Learn how Capitol Hill really works.


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Congressional decision-making is driven by politics, policy and process. In this engaging workshop, Washington-based experts discuss these 3 P’s and help you understand the complete policy-making process.
Our next Capitol Hill Workshop, scheduled for June 11-13, 2008, is for anyone whose work requires that they have a broad understanding of Congress and Capitol Hill.
In 3 days, this workshop covers

  • Congressional operations and the legislative process
  • How public policy and foreign policy become law
  • Congressional politics and leadership
  • Congressional budgeting today
  • The role of OMB in the legislative process
  • Effective communication with Congres
  • The current trends in campaigns and elections
  • How personal and committee staff work
  • How you can build win/win relationships with staffers

Q&A with all faculty throughout.

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