Playmobil Saves Christmas!

Playmobil Safe Crackers (Thieves)The Playmobil Security Check Point is no longer available, but don’t despair, Playmobil Safe Crackers (Thieves) is!

Playmobil Security Check Point

I’ve been following the recent controversy over the TSA’s body imaging X-ray machines, otherwise known as the “backscatter” or “exhibit-yourself-in-the-nude” devices. It made me reminisce about an old post I wrote about the Playmobil airline screening playset.

I had not used the playset for a while. Five long years have elapsed since my post, and I had outgrown this toy and moved on to more advanced ones. But this recent controversy made me regress. . . .

More Fun with the Airline Screening Playset: Body Imaging X-Ray Edition!” by Daniel Solove, Concurring Opinions, November 19, 2010

PS. We’re surprised that Playmobil has a Police With Thief set. Shouldn’t that be Police With Alleged Thief? Wonder why there is no Playmobil Miranda? Hope the (alleged) thief read or watched “10 Rules for Dealing with Police“.

See alsoNoncompliant Nipple Ring Sold Separately,” by Radley Balko, Hit & Run, January 9, 2009

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