“Am I a bad member? You decide.”

Kevin Holland belongs to four associations and asks, “Am I a bad member? You decide.” He then lists 15 items, including

    6) In each case, I receive far too many promotional emails from the association proper. They almost always get deleted right away. As a result, I know that I have missed out on programs that would have been beneficial to me. Yet I feel no regret.

    10) When I need information about something related to one of the associations, I usually visit their websites looking for it. I almost never find it. Yet, the next time I’m wondering something, I still return, ever hopeful.

    13) I occasionally get formally-written memos from an organization’s elected and/or executive leaders talking about their strategic plan, or restructuring, or annual goals, or rebranding, or whatever. In any event, I couldn’t care less.

    14) Does anyone really need another yellow-page-sized association membership directory?

Read the whole thing and ask yourself, “Am I a bad member? Or a typical member?”
I’m a Bad Member … Or Am I?” The Association Blog, October 12, 2005

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