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Jets - Hello Kitty, Salmon Thirty Salmon, Simpsons Archives

Jets - Hello Kitty, Salmon Thirty Salmon, Simpsons

Here's a Hello Kitty plane, EVA Air (Taiwan)

EVA Air Hello Kitty jet
The plane's interior features Hello Kitty-related items as well, ranging from boarding passes, baggage tags, dining utensils, and lavatory papers to flight attendant uniforms.

"Hello Kitty jet," popgadget, October 22, 2005. More images here.

And the "Salmon Thirty Salmon," Alaska Air

The “Salmon-Thirty-Salmon,” sporting the glimmering image of a wild Alaska king salmon, is among the world’s most intricately painted commercial airplanes. Complete with shiny scales, a dorsal fin and gills, the livery on the Alaska Airlines 737-400 passenger aircraft is the result of a dedicated team of 30 painters working nearly nonstop for 24 days.
Alaska AirSalmon-Thirty-Salmon
The plane already needed a new paint job, and Alaska Airlines covered about $75,000 of the tab, company spokeswoman Amanda Tobin said.

The federally funded Alaska Fisheries Marketing Board paid for the rest of the roughly $300,000 project, said Bill Hines, the board's executive director.

"Alaska Airlines lands 120-foot king salmon," by Elizabeth M. Gillespie, AP, The Seattle Times, October 2, 2005

The $500,000 paint job is part of a campaign to promote the Alaskan seafood industry, and was paid for by the federal government. It's a pork project that some are calling "fishy."

"Only Congress can turn fish into pork," said Keith Ashdown of Taxpayers for Common Sense. "Paint jobs for private airplanes are one thing, but Uncle Sam should not be paying for it."

"Some Call Flying Fish Just Plain Pork," ABC News, October 4, 2005

And the Simpsons Jet, Western Pacfic Air (no longer in business)

Western Pacific Simpsons jet

October 22, 2005 03:57 PM    Humor

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