Most emailed headline on ABC News?

October 17, 2005, 8:00 pm ET
According to the ABC News web site, the most emailed headline of the last 24 hours is …

Lazy British Police Dog Relieved of Duties
Most Sent Headlines, ABC News, October 17, 2005
But number 7, ” Myth: Toilet Seats Are the Dirtiest Thing in the Bathroom,” actually has useful information, including

  • Don’t set anything on the floor of a public bathroom – “‘We found fecal bacteria on about 30 percent of the bottom of women’s purses. So you may be moving bacteria from the bottom of the restroom floor to maybe the kitchen sink area when you’re going to make lunch,’ said [Dr. Charles] Gerba.” (ewwww)
  • Don’t use the hot air hand dryer – “‘You actually end up with more bacteria with the hand blower because they’re taking the air in the restroom and blowing it onto your hands with the bacteria on it,’ said Gerba.” (So you don’t want to use it to dry your face, right?)
  • It’s OK to use the door handle – “‘Really the cleanest areas in the bathroom are actually the door handle and the toilet seat,’ said Gerba.” (We agree with Howard Hughes on this one; we’ll still use a paper towel, thank you very much.)
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