Washington is a Small Town

Words of wisdom…

“You have to take every job looking over your shoulder,” said [Russell] Merbeth, 46, now a lobbyist with Eschelon Telecom.

[Headhunter Joseph] Kirby says that many of the professionals he views as aces share two notable talents. “They have developed in themselves a pretty good ability to read the tea leaves in terms of which way things are headed,” Kirby notes. “And they have an uncanny ability to be adaptable and almost chameleon-like, without having people think they’re talking out of both sides of their mouth. There’s a certain art to that.”

“Throw out your 10- and 20- and 30-year plans,” said [Carl] Feldbaum, 61, who retired from BIO [Biotechnology Industry Organization] earlier this year. “Hang a little bit loose, because you’re not sure what opportunities are going to come your way.”

“If you want to make a career in Washington, it’s just like living in Ketchum, Idaho,” Feldbaum said. “If you have any intention of cheating the corner grocer, the next day everyone in town knows it. And no one ever forgets.”

A Guide To Getting Ahead,” by Mark Kukis, National Journal, October 14, 2005

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