DC Smoking Ban

Legislation that would ban smoking in all District bars and restaurants by January 2007 was approved yesterday [October 26, 2005] by the D.C. Council’s Health Committee.
The committee’s action means that the full council could vote on the measure as soon as December. Smoking ban legislation has been stalled in committee for two years, but proponents say a council majority now favors some form of a ban.

D.C. Panel Approves Smoking Ban: Council to Vote on Measure to Take Effect in January ’07,” by Eric M. Weiss, The Washington Post, October 27, 2005

[Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington Executive Director Lynne] Breaux painted another image of what life would be like post-smoking ban: “Can you imagine a lobbyist, or a Congressman for that matter, without a cigar and a cognac?”

Proopsed Smoking Ban Has Bars on Capitol Hill Fuming,” by Moira Bagley, Roll Call, November 3, 2005


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