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If you’re looking for elbow room when you ride the Metro during rush hour, you may be out of luck.

Metro officials say ridership is up considerably from the same time last year and the trains are only expected to get more crowded.

Metro Rider? Learn to Mash In During the Rush,” WTOP, November 21, 2005

In response to a congressional concern that federal employees need more help planning for retirement, the Office of Personnel Management is developing a “retirement readiness index profile” for government workers.

The readiness profile, which will be rolled out in late spring, will give employees age-based profiles that diagnose their state of readiness on various factors, including finances, that they should consider when planning for retirement.

OPM to Prod Federal Employees to Get Cracking on Retirement Planning,” by Stephen Barr, The Washington Post, November 21, 2005

The weather for the upcoming week isn’t going to make many people happy. We start the week off with rain, then it turns windy and cold. No sunny, mild afternoons. Snow lovers may enjoy seeing the season’s first flakes Thanksgiving morning but it’s likely just to be a tease since it will change to rain and/or melt.

The week ahead: White Thanksgiving?” by Jason Samenow, capitalweather, November 21, 2005
Pajamas Media / Open Source Media is hitting some rough water as it launches:

Cardinal Martini has a good overview of the OSM kerfuffle to date: “The Peasant V. Open Source Media Empire
We’ll just add that the Government Relations Blog Network, a mini-network on blogads, is still accepting members.

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