Fast food and soccer in Arlandria

If you’re looking for fast food in the general vicinity of Potomac Yard Shopping Center, Arlandria, Reagan National Airport, and Crystal City, swing by the Gunston soccer fields (weekdays in the afternoons and evenings, weekends most of the day), and sample the food from the taco trucks parked on South 28th Street, around the Gunston Community Center in south Arlington (north of Glebe and east of I-395), where a lot of soccer is played on two soccer fields, one an artificial turf field.
We like the burritos from the green taco truck, and prefer the tacos from the silver truck. YMMV.

chicken and beef tacos from the green taco truck

beef and chicken tacos from the silver taco truck

Many youth and adult leagues play soccer on the Gunston field, so you may be able to enjoy a soccer game while you eat.

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