Here’s part of a conversation between a taxi dispatcher and a man who believed his wife was overcharged for a $25 cab ride.

GUY: Excuse me, I was quoted a rate of $19 by the people here at the hotel, and the fare came out to $25. I was overcharged
. . .
GUY: I think I’ll call Monday. Right after I call the Taxi Commission.

ME: Be my guest. It’s actually called the Hack Commission, but being a savvy all-knowledgeable consumer you already knew that I’m sure. And there’s nothing they love more than listening to somebody complain about a suspected $5 overcharge for a trip from their $350 a night hotel to an $80 per person restaurant.

Overcharge, The Blank Top Chronicles, May 12, 2006
People, people, people: if you want an estimated cab fare, call the cab company. The doorman at the hotel may, or may not, have a clue. A hotel can’t give you a quote for a cab ride, just like a cab driver can’t quote you a room rate for a hotel…. Sheesh …

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