Weather this week, Homeland Security in Key West, Gang violence in Brazil

Weather this week

Skies will partially clear in the afternoon with a chance for a shower or thunderstorm, mostly to the north and west. High temps will reach a comfortable 70 degrees or about 7-8 degrees below average.

Spring Continues, Summer on Hold,”, May 16, 2006

Homeland Security in Key West

Yesterday was a typical day for Phil Teitsma , a Customs and Border Protection supervisor at Key West, Fla. He got a call about 7 a.m. from the Coast Guard telling him that two crew members of a speedboat had been detained after they were spotted dropping five people off on an uninhabited island near the Florida coast.
. . .
“I need some help,” he said. “I’ve got almost 38 years of government service, and I’ll work 16 hours a day and weekends, whatever I need to get the job done. But I can’t. I need a team to work with, and I don’t have it.”

Border Protection Stretched Thin at Key West,” by Stephen Barr, The Washington Post, May 16, 2006

Gang violence in Brazil

Heavily armed police guarded the deserted streets of South America’s largest city after four days of gang attacks left more than 80 people dead and brought most business to a standstill.

The rampage included dozens of attacks on police stations, bars and banks and rebellions in many of Sao Paulo state’s corrupt and overcrowded prisons.
. . .
Twenty-one new killings were reported Monday, the state government said, putting the overall toll at 81. The figure includes 39 police officers and prison guards, 38 suspected gang members and four civilians caught in 184 attacks since Friday.
. . .
Starting Sunday night, the gang employed a new tactic: sending gunmen onto buses, ordering passengers and drivers off and torching the vehicles. There was no mention of injuries in the dozens of bus burnings, which continued in broad daylight Monday.

Thousands of terrified bus drivers refused to work, leaving an estimated 2.9 million people scrambling to find a way to work.

Gang Attacks in Brazil Kill More Than 80,” by Alexander Ragir, ABC News, May 16, 2006

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