Men – do you wear a tie? Socks with your shoes?

The proportion of men in professional jobs who buy ties, a report says, has dropped from 70% in 1996 to just 56% today. And, to break that down (pay attention at the back, please), only 28% of office managers have bought a tie in the past 12 months. It is, however, floppy-collared architects and surveyors who are the biggest slackers: last year only a paltry 16% of them bothered to purchase a thin string of fabric to tie around their necks at 7 o’clock every morning.

These architects and surveyors are doubtless responding to the realisation that the tie is the sartorial equivalent of an appendix – an entirely redundant bit of kit left over from a much earlier phase of evolution.

Uncool under the collar: The decline of the tie reflects a refusal to be defined by class – and a reluctance to point rudely,” by Kathryn Hughes, The Guardian, September 4, 2006
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