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Cheogajip Chicken Archives

Cheogajip Chicken

After Tyler Cowen wrote it up, we tried the Korean fried chicken from Cheogajip Chicken in Fairfax.

We tried the hot and the regular fried chicken. Both excellent, very juicy and not too greasy. Only whole chickens are sold (cut up into about 15 pieces), and the chicken is not cooked until you order, so you can either call ahead if you speak Korean or plan on waiting about 15 minutes. Worth going back.

Cheogajip Chicken, Lotte Plaza, 3250 Old Lee Highway, Fairfax Circle, Fairfax, VA, 703-273-4499

Cheogajip is located inside Lotte Plaza, 3250 Old Lee Highway, which is located immediately south and west of the intersection of Old Lee Highway and Old Pickett Road.

The counter is about 30 feet south of the Customer Service desk and next to the deli.

Two orders ready to go.

Spciy. Each order comes with a small cabbage salad and a cup of Korean radish.

Regular fried chicken

Box of chicken

Pizza and Chicken Love Letter

"Pizza and Chicken Love Letter is the U.S. brand name of Cheogajip Chicken Korea."
We didn't see any pizza.....

May 10, 2007 10:27 PM    Dining

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