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Electric Bikes

Electric bicycles have advanced significantly over the last century from the first models of motorized bicycles that were cumbersome and not terribly economical or efficient. Today's electric bikes are very efficient and economical taking advantage of new new circuitry, electric motor and transmission technologies.

Researching electric bicycles before buying one is a great idea, but not as easy as it may seem. There are growing number of websites offering information on electric bicycles, but digesting and synthesizing this information can be as difficult in light of the variety of models and power assist combinations available now.

Electric bicycles come in basically two-main configurations. One is the power-on-demand electric bicycle, and the other is the power-assist electric bicycle.

"Electric bikes are taking off," by Carolyn Whelan, The International Herald Tribune, March 14, 2007

E-bikes - These have a separate throttle on the handlebars, either a switch or a twist-grip like on a motorbike. You decide how much help you get from the motor.
Pedelecs - These have a sensor on the pedals, and a little electronic brain measures how much effort you are putting in and decides how much extra help to give you.

All About the Electric Bicycle


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