Media Tip 34

Media Tip 34: Compose your strategic message using general ideas. The message’s goals may or may not fit into a limited time period or have a clearly measurable outcome. A strategic message is a broad theme, an overarching set of principles or ideas that guide and shape all communications. A strategic message flows from an organization’s strategic goals and helps define its role in the marketplace of ideas, allowing citizens to frame the organization in their own minds, based on their own desires, interests, and value systems.

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This tip is from our booklet, Media Relations Tips: 102 Secrets for Finding Success in Public Relations.

Practical tips for anyone who works with the media, works with someone who works with the media, or who works at an organization that is covered in the media.  An easy handout for everyone in your group to make sure that they are prepared and confident if they ever have to deal with the media.
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Based on the Media Relations Handbook, by Brad Fitch.

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