BEWARE Amazon Pro Merchant sellers – Amazon will close fully paid Pro Merchant seller accounts with no notice

We have been selling on Amazon for several years. Today, attempting to access our Amazon seller account we continued to get a “no such account” message. What the #@#@!?!?!
When we contacted Amazon seller support, we were told that our Pro Merchant account had been shut down because of unspecified activity. What the #@#@!?!?!? Amazon seller customer service could not give any more information.
We were given no notice that our Amazon Pro Merchant seller account was being closed; we only happened to discover it when we attempted to access it Friday evening to check some inventory.
Despite Amazon having our COMPLETE contact information, including email address, cell phone number, and office phone number, Amazon NEVER contacted us to alert us that they were closing our Amazon buyer and Pro Merchant seller accounts.
This unilateral action by Amazon is the equivalent of renting a store, and, despite paying your rent on time and in full, the landlord comes to your store when you aren’t there and not only closes your store, but disposes of all of your inventory. With no notice and no warning. And no explanation.
This enormous breach of trust and complete failure by Amazon to contact us to let us know that Amazon was closing our buyer and Pro Merchant seller accounts with no advance notice, indeed, with no attempt to contact us, has now caused us to examine our relationship, and trust in, Amazon.
If you use Amazon as a buyer or seller, especially as a Pro Merchant seller, be very careful of all information you entrust to Amazon.
As a seller we are now very reluctant to continue to sell items on Amazon due to Amazon’s failure to notify us or to make any attempt to contact us to let us know they were closing our account. (And yes, our seller account fees were paid in full and current.)
If you are an Amazon Pro Merchant seller, be warned. You might find your account closed and your inventory pulled – WITH NO NOTICE and for no reason. Sheesh.

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  1. Victor says:

    This happen to me today I don’t know what to do?
    After many years building my business inside Amazon, 3 websites.
    50% of my business income comes from Amazon. So many hours of work and money invested. This is not right I’m very upset and sad.
    This is like someone come to your store and takes you out without any type legal procedment.
    I’m sitting here in my living room crying and hope less, searching for people that have the same experience.
    I have to do something about this must be something in the law to stop Amazon or regulate this type of abuse.
    Any comments email me or call me at 860-209-6222.

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