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March - April 2008 Legislative, Research, Communication, and Media Training from TheCapitol.Net Archives

March - April 2008 Legislative, Research, Communication, and Media Training from TheCapitol.Net

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Upcoming Courses

  • Writing Refresher: Critical Thinking and Writing April 3, 2008
  • Congressional Dynamics and the Legislative Process April 9, 2008
  • Media Relations for Public Affairs Professionals May 6, 2008
  • Advanced Media Relations May 7, 2008
  • Crisis Communications Training May 8, 2008
  • Working with Congress and Congressional Staff: Communicating Effectively with Capitol Hill May 14, 2008
  • Understanding Congressional Budgeting and Appropriations May 16, 2008
  • Public Affairs and the Internet: Advanced Techniques and Strategies May 20, 2008

Upcoming Telephone Seminars

  • Conference Committees: How Congressional Work Gets Done March 18, 2008
  • Earmarks: Results-Oriented Strategies and Tactics in Light of Statutory and Internal Congressional Rule Changes March 20, 2008
  • What Your Member of Congress Can Do for You: Gallery Passes, Flags, Presidential Greetings, and Help with Federal Agencies April 8, 2008
  • How to Read and Decipher the Department of Defense (DoD) Budget April 15, 2008
  • Statutory Construction: A Primer on How to Read and Understand Statutory Text April 15, 2008
  • Presidential-Congressional Relations: Rivals Sharing Power May 13, 2008
  • Parliamentary Procedure of the U.S. Senate: Debate and Amendment May 20, 2008


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