Congressional Pay and Perks

Congressional Pay and Perks
A Telephone Seminar
Are you interested in learning about congressional pay and perks? This program will provide an overview of congressional pay and pay increases; retirement benefits, including pension plans; and perquisites. Topics covered include:

  • Current pay for Senators and Representatives and the three basic ways members can adjust their pay
  • Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS), Federal Employees Retirement Act of 1986 (FERS), and Social Security
  • Retirement under CSRS and FERS
  • House and Senate perquisites such as parking privileges, free outpatient care at the Naval Medical Center, and the franking privilege
  • An insider’s look at the “small cities” on the House and Senate sides of the Capitol and in the House and Senate Office Buildings

Open Q&A with the faculty included: Ida Brudnick.

Congressional Pay and Perks

Informed Citizen Series Audio Course
Includes seminar materials.
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