Cool Tool – Bracketron Dash-Mat

The Bracketron Dash-Mat lets you easily place a cell phone, GPS, MP3 player, radar detector, etc., on your dash, and easily move it from car to car.
No drilling, no adhesives, no suction cups. Highly recommended.

The Dash-Mat Portable Mount is a holding device that is compatible with most iPods, Cell Phones, Satellite Radios, PDA’s, Handheld GPS and Radar Detectors. Using the physics of weight distribution and a unique high tech anti-skid material the Dash-Mat contours to the top of the dash providing a solid base, allowing for convenient reach and greater portability.

  • Weighted, Anti-Skid Base
  • Conforms To Your Dash
  • No Tools Required
  • Holds up to Several Pounds
  • Arms expand to 3.75 inches
  • Easily View Your GPS While Driving

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SKU 874688001303, Model UFM-200-BL

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