How to Get the Executive Branch On Your Side: Two-Day Conference Explains Inner Workings of White House, OMB, March 3 & 4, 2009

As the new administration settles in, staffers in federal government and private sector governmental affairs offices and foreign delegations in Washington and around the country are staking their future on what will change, what will remain the same, and how to advance their agenda. TheCapitol.Net presents a nuts-and-bolts look at how to get through the bureaucracy and get what you need accomplished: White House Workshop: Players, Politics & Policy.
Aimed at those with some experience navigating the Washington labyrinth, the two-day intensive workshop at the Goethe-Institut in downtown Washington, DC, March 3-4, 2009, offers an intimate, small-group setting to participate in informative and action-oriented sessions on such topics as…

  • The Organization of the White House and Key Players in the Current Administration
  • Watch Dogs: The Roles of Inspectors General and the Government Accountability Office
  • The President’s Management Agenda and Improving the Performance of Federal Programs: The Program Assessment Rating Tool
  • Formulating Foreign Policy: The President, Cabinet, and Congress
  • How Federal Agencies Handle Congressional Relations

All faculty are subject matter experts on specific aspects of Executive Branch policies and procedures. As a special bonus, a representative from a federal agency’s congressional liaison office will discuss the role of this office and how to build positive working relationships with Congress.
You Will Learn How To:

  • Reach key players in the current administration
  • Educate and influence the Executive Branch and OMB
  • Work Capitol Hill as effectively as the White House Office of Legislative Affairs
  • Understand the role and strategies of federal agency congressional liaison offices and the White House Office of Communication and Press Office
  • Influence the discourse as the administration sets foreign policy initiatives and priorities

The conference is approved for 1.2 CEU credits from George Mason University. Fee includes all course materials, two breakfasts, and two networking lunches. To preserve the small-group, hands-on atmosphere, seating is limited. To register, learn more, or view the complete agenda, please visit or call TheCapitol.Net directly at 703-739-3790.

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