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Congressional Authorizations and Appropriations
Congressional Authorizations and Appropriations

Congressional Authorizations and Appropriations
How Congress Exercises the Power of the Purse through Authorizing Legislation, Appropriations Measures, Supplemental Appropriations, Earmarks, and Enforcing the Authorization-Appropriations Process

Compiled by TheCapitol.Net
Authors: Bill Heniff Jr, Sandy Streeter, Thomas L. Hungerford, Robert Keith, Megan Suzanne Lynch
A primary avenue for exercising Congress’s power of the purse is the authorization and appropriation of federal spending to carry out government activities. While the power over appropriations is granted to Congress by the U.S. Constitution, the authorization appropriation process is derived from House and Senate rules. The formal process consists of two sequential steps: (1) enactment of an authorization measure that may create or continue an agency or program as well as authorize the subsequent enactment of appropriations; and (2) enactment of appropriations to provide funds for the authorized agency or program.
2010, 146 pages
ISBN: 1587331829 ISBN 13: 978-1-58733-182-4
Softcover book: $19.95
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