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All hail God-King Roosevelt! Archives

All hail God-King Roosevelt!

Roosevelt seemed to be setting up the equivalent of the most ancient forms of tyranny, the god-king--combining magic and religion, as anthropologist Gordon Childe put it, with magic being "a way of making people believe they are going to get what they want" and religion "a system for persuading them that they ought to want what they get." The combination of alphabet agencies, Social Security, and relentless barrages of war whooping and propaganda, plus a reign that seemed to be growing as long as any pharonic family with term after unprecedented term--what did all this add up to? All hail God-King Roosevelt!

"Radicals for Capitalism," by Brian Doherty (Public Affairs 2007), page 65 (footnote omitted).

Conservatism vs Libertarianism - Brian Doherty

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April 1, 2010 08:47 PM    Caught Our Eye

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