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Glossary of Legislative Terms: "Budget Resolution" Archives

Glossary of Legislative Terms: "Budget Resolution"

Budget Resolution: Concurrent resolution passed by both houses setting forth the congressional budget for budget aggregates and possibly containing reconciliation instructions.

Congressional Deskbook

This definition is from the Glossary in our Congressional Deskbook.

Perfect reference tool of Congressional jargon and procedural terms.

Congressional Deskbook: The Practical and Comprehensive Guide to Congress, by Michael Koempel and Judy Schneider.

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And for more about the federal budget process, see

The Federal Budget Process
The Federal Budget Process

The Federal Budget Process:
A description of the federal and congressional budget processes, including timelines

Compiled by TheCapitol.Net
Authors: Sandy Streeter, James Saturno, Bill Heniff Jr., and Robert Keith

2009, 319 pages
ISBN: 1587331519 ISBN 13: 978-1-58733-151-0
Softcover book: $19.95

For more information, see

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