Recent Books by TheCapitol.Net Faculty

Here are books published in the last year or so by some of TheCapitol.Net’s faculty.

Mark Feldstein unearthed significant new information from more than two hundred interviews and thousands of declassified documents and tapes in Poisoning the Press: Richard Nixon, Jack Anderson, and the Rise of Washington’s Scandal Culture. One Amazon reviewer wrote, “This detailed portrait of one of the longest and ugliest feuds in Washington and its impact on today’s politics and media is a page-turner.”

Joseph Gibson describes how, “For less than the cost of a cab ride to the airport, you can learn how to stop wasting your time when you visit Washington.” in Persuading Congress. A reviewer on Amazon praises the book: “In a city crowded with people and groups clamoring to tell you ‘how Washington Works,’ I think this book does a very good job of cutting through the jargon and the nonsense and providing a clear, concise, and supremely practical guide to understanding and working with Congress.”

Steve Roberts profiles immigrants from China and Afghanistan, Mexico and Sierra Leone in From Every End of This Earth: 13 Families and the New Lives They Made in America. It was described by an Amazon reviewer as “a poignant book of thirteen individuals/families who answer the questions of why they chose to immigrant and what is it like to be an immigrant in America today.”

William LaForge has provided a roadmap that helps witnesses appearing before Congressional hearings in Testifying Before Congress. A teacher on Amazon said “LaForge’s book is a perfect accompaniment to a government or a political science class. The appendix, asking and answering questions about testifying before Congress, is a must for teachers.”

Sheilah Kast, and her husband Jim Rosapepe, wrote Dracula Is Dead. Nadia Comeneci said it is “a fascinating, long overdue, and timely look at Romania, giving readers an unparalleled view of my country’s many, many layers.”

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