Are your research skills up-to-date and adding value?

In a presentation at the recent ACC Annual Meeting, Google’s General Counsel Kent Walker relayed this startling piece of information: in the entire history of humankind, until 2003, man had created a total of 5 exabytes of information. Today, we create 5 exabytes of information every two days. And the pace of information creation is accelerating.
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When you live in a value-fee world, someone who finds the right information efficiently is really valuable.

Does It Pay to Hire a Law Firm Librarian?” by Patrick J. Lamb, ABA Journal, November 17, 2010

Research is a fundamental job requirement of many jobs in Washington, DC, and our research skills courses can help you perform this work more efficiently and more effectively, contributing to better job reviews and promotion possibilities.

Research Tools and Techniques: Refining Your Online and Offline Research
Research Workshop: Washington Essentials
, a 1-day course

Portable Wi-Fi Classroom TMYou will have a “hands-on” opportunity to follow our faculty and navigate the Internet with one of our laptop computers (first 20 registrants to sign in at program). Or, bring your own Wi-Fi equipped laptop and take advantage of our Real World Research Skills, 2nd Edition by Peggy GarvinPortable Wi-Fi ClassroomTM to enhance your learning.

Approved for CEUs from George Mason University
Approved for .6 CEUs from George Mason University.

December 15, 2010, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Where: Washington, DC

Course materials include the Training Edition of Real World Research Skills Second Edition: An Introduction to Factual, International, Judicial, Legislative, and Regulatory Research, by Peggy Garvin

More details and secure online registration:

This course and any combination of its topics can be tailored for custom on-site presentation at your location.

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