Mike Casey Completes Congressional Operations Certificate from TheCapitol.Net

Mike Casey Completes Congressional Operations Certificate from TheCapitol.Net Mike Casey has completed his certificate in Congressional Operations from TheCapitol.Net. The Certificate in Congressional Operations is awarded to participants in the program who have completed more than 75 hours of training about how congress works. “The program provided significant insights and guidance about how Congress works … Read more

Faculty in the News

Roy Meyers quoted: The end result is that the United States of America, the richest country in the world, handles its finances like a banana republic that doesn’t know how much money it has in the bank, said Roy Meyers, a political science professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. “Special report: On borrowed … Read more

Writing One-Pagers for Congressional Meetings

As an advocate, you must learn to draft effective one-page summaries that concisely and effectively summarizes your issue, provides relevant talking points and information on the status of a bill, and has your contact information. photo credit: mrbill An effective one-pager includes several critical pieces of information: the issue, background on the issue, status, and … Read more

Understanding and Responding to Different Types of Communications Crises

There is a common misconception that there is only one type of communications crises in the world of public affairs and that all crises should be responded to in the same manner. There are essentially three different types of crises: systemic, adversarial and image. photo credit: uair01 A systemic crisis often involves something related to … Read more

Capitol Hill Workshop – 3-day Congressional Operations Seminar in Washington, DC

Capitol Hill Workshop: Politics, Policy, and Process In this engaging workshop and seminar on legislative operations, Washington-based experts focus on these 3 P’s. They discuss the policy-making process and the legislative agenda, help you understand the congressional budget process, and demystify the culture of the U.S. Congress. photo credit: Piano Piano! You will leave this … Read more

Tips for Effective Congressional Meetings

Given the frantic pace that typically takes place on Capitol Hill, it is important to ensure that your meetings are as effective as possible. While it is only natural to desire to meet with a member of Congress, do not become disappointed if you meet with staff instead. Lawmakers rely heavily on their staff out … Read more

Tips for Developing and Honing Your Message

It is no secret that your message can be the lifeblood of your advocacy activities. Once you have decided upon a message, it is imperative that you refine it. photo credit: HellN The process of honing your message involves identifying, developing and refining the most compelling arguments, facts, examples and anecdotes. Take into consideration hot … Read more

Tips for Coordinating Legislative Events

When you are involved in a legislative event, it can be helpful to understand a few key tips that can help things to go much more smoothly. First, introductions to policymakers should be brief. Lobbyists often make the mistake of speaking too long in introductions while attempting to do a suitable job. An effective introduction … Read more