Moman Pruiett (1872-1945)

Died. Moman Pruiett, 73, shaggy-browed Oklahoma criminal lawyer; of pneumonia; in Oklahoma City. Sent to jail for robbery at age 18, he vowed “I’ll open the doors of your damned prisons!” Later he became so expert at bringing tears to backwoods jurors’ eyes (343 murder cases, 303 acquittals, no executions) that he was considered a … Read more

“Proposed Keystone XL Pipeline: Legal Issues” CRS Report for Congress R42124, January 23, 2012

“Proposed Keystone XL Pipeline: Legal Issues,” by Adam Vann, Kristina Alexander, Vanessa K. Burrows, and Kenneth R. Thomas, CRS Report for Congress R42124, January 23, 2012 (32-page PDF) photo credit: jeffk In 2008, TransCanada Corp. applied for a presidential permit from the State Department to construct and operate an oil pipeline across the U.S.-Canada border … Read more

April Hale Completed Communication and Advocacy Certificate from TheCapitol.Net

April Hale completed her certificate in Communication and Advocacy from TheCapitol.Net. The Certificate in Communication and Advocacy is awarded to participants in the program who have completed more than 75 hours of communication and advocacy related training. “I strongly recommend this program to those who want to stay on the cutting edge of advocacy and … Read more

“Congressional Review”

From Urban Dictionary Congressional Review January 21, 2012 Urban Word of the Day To loosely read or breeze through a document, likely missing a fair amount of the information contained within. How tough will the upgrade be? I’m not too sure, I only gave the guide a Congressional Review. See also: Nancy Pelosi on Health … Read more

Congressional Calendar for 2012

The Congressional calendar for the 112th Congress, 2nd Session – 2012 Published Schedules, is now available at The calendar is also available as a PDF and is online at or