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Simple Resolution

Simples! by James Cridland

Simples! by James Cridland

A simple resolution deals with the internal workings of only one chamber or with nonbinding public-policy statements. Designated “S. Res.” or “H. Res.“, simple resolutions are used to express nonbinding positions of the Senate or House, or to deal with that chamber’s internal affairs, such as the creation of a special committee. Special rules from the House Rules Committee, the creation of a select and special committee, and funding resolutions for individual committees are in the form of simple resolutions. They do not require action by the other chamber. They are not sent to the president, and they do not become law.

Also see § 6.10 Types of Measures, § 6.90 Rules Committee and Special Rules, § 6.100 Consideration of a Special Rule on the House Floor, § 9.10 Types of Documents, in Congressional Deskbook; § 5.30 The Simple Resolution, in Legislative Drafter’s Deskbook.


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