Substitute / Substitute Amendment / Queen-of-the-Hill Rule (

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Substitute / Substitute Amendment / Queen-of-the-Hill Rule

Queen Victoria, by daryl_mitchell
Queen Victoria, by daryl_mitchell

Substitute: A motion, amendment or entire bill introduced in place of the pending legislative business. Passage of a substitute measure kills the original measure by supplanting it. The substitute also may be amended.

Substitute Amendment: This type of amendment, representing a full-text alternative, can be offered only at the outset of the amendment process, after the first section of the measure is read. (A full-text amendment can also be offered at the end of the markup process, but that practice is rare.) An advantage of an amendment in the nature of a substitute is that a motion can be made after any debate on the amendment to cut off further debate and amendments. This motion is called the previous question.

Queen-of-the-Hill Rule / King-of-the-Hill Rule: A special rule that permits votes on a series of amendments, usually complete substitutes for a measure, but directs that the amendment receiving the greatest number of votes is the winning amendment. SeeQueen-of-the-Hill Rules in the House of Representatives,” CRS Report RS20313 (7-page PDFPDF).


Sen. Tom Coburn On His Substitute Amendment to Pay For the AGOA-CAFTA-DR-Burma Sanctions Trade Bill (pt. 2)


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