How Truth-in-Testimony Rules Apply to Prospective Congressional Witnesses

As a prospective public witness testifying before Congress, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the Truth-In-Testimony rules that witnesses are required to comply with and the consequences that can result for failing to comply. photo credit: einalem To the greatest extent possible, witnesses who appear before each committee are required to submit … Read more

Engaging the Media as an Advocate and Lobbyist

Each year, countless dollars are spent on public relations efforts that are specifically designed to capture the attention of legislators. Whether it is an advertisement in Roll Call or a web site ad meant to persuade busy lawmakers and staff, a creative array of messages are developed to formulate a successful advocacy campaign. photo credit: … Read more

How to Get Better Job Reviews – Writing Courses from TheCapitol.Net

Writing for Government and Business: Critical Thinking and Writing – How to Compose Clear and Effective Reports, Letters, Email, and Memos Our writing courses have been described as “really about how to get better job reviews and get promoted” because they help you improve one of your most important, and visible, job skills: written communication. … Read more

Capitol Hill Workshop – 3-day Legislative Operations Seminar in Washington, DC

Capitol Hill Workshop: Legislative-Executive Workshop In this engaging workshop and seminar on legislative operations, Washington-based experts focus on these 3 P’s. They discuss the policy-making process and the legislative agenda, help you understand the congressional budget process, and demystify the culture of the U.S. Congress. photo credit: Aunt Owwee You will leave this workshop with … Read more

Mary Margaret Marrin Completed Communication and Advocacy Certificate from TheCapitol.Net

Mary Margaret Marrin Completed Communication and Advocacy Certificate from TheCapitol.Net Mary Margaret Marrin has completed her certificate in Communication and Advocacy from TheCapitol.Net. The Certificate in Communication and Advocacy is awarded to participants in the program who have completed more than 75 hours of hours of communication and advocacy training. “TheCapitol.Net curriculum provided me with … Read more