Constituent / Case Work (

From the Congressional Glossary – Including Legislative and Budget Terms Constituent / Case Work Constituent: A person who can or does elect a public official to office. A person eligible to vote for a candidate for a particular public office. A House member’s local offices (district offices) are located in the represented congressional district, and … Read more

Cosponsor (

From the Congressional Glossary – Including Legislative and Budget Terms Cosponsor House and Senate measures may have numerous sponsors in addition to the member who proposes the legislation. It is common in both chambers for the key proponent of a measure (the sponsor) to send a Dear Colleague letter (in print or electronically) to other … Read more

Lobby / Lobbying (

From the Congressional Glossary – Including Legislative and Budget Terms Lobby / Lobbying A group seeking to influence the passage or defeat of legislation. Originally the term referred to persons frequenting the lobbies or corridors of legislative chambers to speak to lawmakers. The definition of a lobby and the activity of lobbying is a matter … Read more

K Street / Gucci Gulch (

From the Congressional Glossary – Including Legislative and Budget Terms K Street / Gucci Gulch Colloquialisms for Washington, DC, lobbyists. K Street is taken from K Street NW in Washington, DC, where many lobbying firms are located. K Street is definitely “inside the Beltway.” Pork Party House: Where DC insiders go for taxpayer-subsidized fun Gucci … Read more

Petition (

From the Congressional Glossary – Including Legislative and Budget Terms Petition A request or plea sent to one or both chambers from an organization or private citizens’ group asking support of, or opposition to, particular legislation or favorable consideration of a matter not yet receiving congressional attention. Petitions are referred to appropriate committees. Petitions are … Read more

Tips for Effective Congressional Meetings

Given the frantic pace that typically takes place on Capitol Hill, it is important to ensure that your meetings are as effective as possible. While it is only natural to desire to meet with a member of Congress, do not become disappointed if you meet with staff instead. Lawmakers rely heavily on their staff out … Read more

Tips for Coordinating Legislative Events

When you are involved in a legislative event, it can be helpful to understand a few key tips that can help things to go much more smoothly. First, introductions to policymakers should be brief. Lobbyists often make the mistake of speaking too long in introductions while attempting to do a suitable job. An effective introduction … Read more

Conducting Advocacy Issue Audits (Press Audits)

One of the important activities you can undertake as part of advocacy is performing an issue audit. The purpose of this audit is to assess media coverage and public opinion. This refers not only to current media coverage, but also to anticipated media coverage. Such an audit should be conducted on a national level as … Read more

Moving from Strategic Planning to Execution in Your Lobbying Practice

In a scenario that is all too common, an organization conducts an intensive strategic planning session involving a significant amount of resources – then the resulting plan gathers dust. photo credit: Krieg-Hammer During the planning session, everyone is enthusiastic and shares the same vision. You return to the office energized and ready to put the … Read more