Keeping Your (Computers and) Data Safe

I just don’t understand Julia Angwin’s scare story about cookies and ad targeting in the Wall Street Journal [The Web’s New Gold Mine: Your Secrets, July 30, 2010]. That is, I don’t understand how the Journal could be so breathlessly naive, unsophisticated, and anachronistic about the basics of the modern media business. It is the … Read more

Journolist as RICO Conspiracy?

Of the latest “scandal,” that is the unveiling of a private group of more than four hundred apparently left-leaning (and so far almost universally caucasian and asian) journalists who, for three and a half years, discussed via email topics ranging from elections, to politics to the influence of the media and, yes, the coordination of … Read more

High Speed Rail

Experts say that virtually no [high speed rail] HSR lines anywhere in the world have earned enough revenue to cover both their construction and operating costs, even where population density is far greater than anywhere in the United States. Typically, governments have paid the construction costs, and in many cases have subsidized the operating costs … Read more

“Pigs in a pen deliver lesson about freedom”

The problem is that a plain fence can be so boring. So let’s dress it up, say with a little placard over the gate. Perhaps we should inscribe fancy words on it, too. What comes to mind is an expression often attributed to a wise Frenchman named Alexis de Tocqueville, who wrote about the American … Read more

Common Sense Rules of Advocacy for Lawyers now in Paperback

Common Sense Rules of Advocacy for Lawyers: A Practical Guide for Anyone Who Wants To Be a Better Advocate, by Keith Evans, is now available in paperback . Common Sense Rules of Advocacy for Lawyers The classic advocacy guide for trial lawyers, Common Sense Rules of Advocacy for Lawyers has been hailed by attorneys, mediators … Read more

Persuasive Writing course in Washington, DC, April 16, 2010

Writing to Persuade Hone Your Persuasive Writing Skills Designed for attorneys, advocates, lobbyists, and anyone who must persuade others using the written word. Do you suffer from “writer’s block” when you are asked to draft a one-page document, such as a position paper, in a clear, cogent, yet persuasive manner? If your answer is “yes”, … Read more