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Congressional Procedure
Congressional Procedure
A Practical Guide to the Legislative Process in the U.S. Congress: The House of Representatives and Senate Explained
By Richard A. Arenberg


Additional Resources


Pocket Constitution


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Chapter 3. Committees

A. Introduction
B. Committees and Subcommittees
C. Committee Chairs
D. Hearings in Committees
E. Markups
F. Amendment Procedure
G. Reporting Legislation to the Floor
H. Committee Reports


Chapter 3. Committees
3. A. Introduction


Congressional Committees: Crash Course Government and Politics #7


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3. B. Committees and Subcommittees


Committee Consideration



The House Rules Committee


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3. C. Committee Chairs


Congressional Leadership: Crash Course Government and Politics


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3. D. Hearings in Committees


House Judiciary Committee — Oversight Hearing w/ Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein


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3. E. Markups


Markup of Bill to Improve Seniors’ Access to Medicare



Markup of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act


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3. F. Amendment Procedure


Full Committee Markup: FY 2018 Defense & Legislative Branch Appropriations Bill


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3. G. Reporting Legislation to the Floor


Discharge petition announced on Denham queen-of-the-hill rule Calendars and Scheduling


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3. H. Committee Reports

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Congressional Procedure

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