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Congressional Procedure
Congressional Procedure
A Practical Guide to the Legislative Process in the U.S. Congress: The House of Representatives and Senate Explained
By Richard A. Arenberg

Additional Resources


Pocket Constitution


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Chapter 6 – Resolving Differences Between the House and Senate

A. Introduction
B. Resolving Differences
C. Amendments Between the Chambers
D. Conference Committee
E. Conference Reports
F. Failure to Take Up a Measure
G. The President


Chapter 6. Senate Floor
6. A. Introduction


Unwritten Rules of Congress | Ron’s Office Hours | NPR


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6. B. Resolving Differences


Resolving Differences


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6. C. Amendments Between the Chambers


I’m Just a Bill (Schoolhouse Rock!)


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6. D. Conference Committee


Resolving Differences


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6. E. Conference Reports

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6. F. Failure to Take Up a Measure


How to hold a teacup and stir properly



How To Drink An Indian Tea or Coffee from the saucer


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6. G. The President


Presidential Actions



The Pocket Veto Explained



President Trump signs bills overturning regulations


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Congressional Procedure

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