Richard Arenberg’s “Congressional Procedure” from TheCapitol.Net

ALEXANDRIA, VA – (October 8, 2018) – Just in time for the November midterm elections, TheCapitol.Net is pleased to announce the publication of a major new reference work, Congressional Procedure: A Practical Guide to the Legislative Process in the U.S. Congress, by Richard A. Arenberg. If the U.S. Constitution is the rule book, this is … Read more

Necessary and Proper Clause – Article I Section 8, Clause 18 of the Constitution

The United States Constitution The Necessary and Proper Clause is one of Congress’ enumerated powers found in the Constitution of the United States, Article. I. Section. 8., clause 18: (Clause 18 – Necessary and Proper clause) [The Congress shall have Power] To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution … Read more