Recent CRS Reports – November 2022

“The Debt Limit,” CRS In Focus IF10292, November 22, 2022 (5-page PDF) “Offering an Amendment on the House Floor: Current Practice,” CRS Report R47314, November 22, 2022 (21-page PDF) “Constituent Services: Overview and Resources,” CRS In Focus IF10503, November 22, 2022 (5-page PDF) “Expiration of the Discretionary Spending Limits: Frequently Asked Questions,” CRS Report R46752, … Read more

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Public Debt / Debt Ceiling / Debt Limit (

From the Congressional Glossary – Including Legislative and Budget Terms Public Debt / Debt Ceiling / Debt Limit   Debt Limit – A Guide to American Federal Debt Made Easy   Public Debt: Cumulative amounts borrowed by the Treasury Department or the Federal Financing Bank from the public or from another fund or account. The … Read more