Recent CRS Reports – February 2023

“Constitutional Authority Statements: A Quick Guide,” CRS In Focus IF12335, February 27, 2023 (5-page PDF) “Congressional Disapproval of District of Columbia Laws Under the Home Rule Act,” CRS Insights IN12119, February 27, 2023 (5-page PDF) “The Congressional Review Act (CRA): A Brief Overview,” CRS In Focus IF10023, February 27, 2023 (5-page PDF) “East Palestine, OH, … Read more

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Budget Authority (

From the Congressional Glossary – Including Legislative and Budget Terms Budget Authority photo credit: Carly & Art The key terms of federal spending are budget authority, obligations, outlays, and spendout rate. Congress and the president enact budget authority in law. Budget authority allows federal agencies to incur obligations, such as entering into contracts, employing personnel, … Read more