Recent CRS Reports – July 2023

“Consol-Type Perpetual Bonds and the Debt Limit: In Brief,” CRS Report R47638, July 31, 2023 (11-page PDF) “Legislative Branch Agency Appointments: History, Processes, and Recent Actions,” CRS Report R42072, July xx, 2023 (11-page PDF) “State Regulation of Foreign Ownership of U.S. Land: January to June 2023,” CRS Legal Sidebar LSB11013, July 28, 2023 (11-page PDF) … Read more

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Recent CRS Reports – September 2022

“Membership of the 117th Congress: A Profile,” CRS Report R46705, September 30, 2022 (17-page PDF) “House Committee Staff Pay, Selected Positions, 2001-2021,” CRS Report R44322, September 29, 2022 (27-page PDF) “The Budget Reconciliation Process: The Senate’s ‘Byrd Rule’,” CRS Report RL30862, September 28, 2022 (45-page PDF) “Is Possession of Cash Evidence of a Crime?” CRS … Read more

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Budget Process (

From the Congressional Glossary – Including Legislative and Budget Terms Budget Process Established by the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Act of 1974, the budget process refers to the steps necessary for adoption of a concurrent resolution on the budget, thereby creating the framework for consideration of appropriations bills and authorizing legislation. The Joint Select Committee … Read more