Recent CRS Reports – December 2022

“The OPEN Government Data Act: A Primer,” CRS In Focus IF12299, December 29, 2022 (5-page PDF) “The Debt Limit Since 2011,” CRS Report R43389, December 23, 2022 (44-page PDF) “Penny: History and Current Status,” CRS Report IF12293, December 22, 2022 (5-page PDF) “Congressional Oversight Manual,” CRS Report RL30240, December 22, 2022 (140-page PDF) “The Right … Read more

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Suspend the Rules / Suspension of the Rules (

From the Congressional Glossary – Including Legislative and Budget Terms Suspend the Rules / Suspension of the Rules Suspension of the Rules: Expeditious procedure for passing noncontroversial measures in the House. Requires a two-thirds vote of those present and voting, after forty minutes of debate, and does not allow floor amendments. This procedure, for largely … Read more