Discharge Calendar / a Committee / Petition / Resolution (CongressionalGlossary.com)

From the Congressional Glossary – Including Legislative and Budget Terms Discharge Calendar / a Committee / Petition / Resolution Discharge a Committee: To remove a measure from committee to which it has been returned in order to make it available for floor consideration. This is attempted more often in the House than in the Senate, … Read more

“Fast-Track Procedures” (CongressionalGlossary.com)

Fast-Track Procedures: Procedures that circumvent or speed up all or part of the legislative process. Some rule-making statutes prescribe expedited procedures for certain measures, such as trade agreements.   The Politician Behind California High Speed Rail Now Says It’s ‘Almost a Crime’   Also see Chapter 3.A. Introduction; Chapter 7.A. Introduction; Chapter 7.L. Other Fast-Track … Read more