Basic Federal Budgeting Concepts and Terminology

The federal budget process typically involves a rather complex series of legislative and executive procedures and various financial transactions. photo credit: Evelyn Proimos The term Revenue refers to income that is received by the federal government. (The executive branch also uses receipts as a term for revenue.) Revenue may be raised from a variety of … Read more

Advanced Federal Budget Process, 2-day course in Washington, DC from TheCapitol.Net

Advanced Federal Budget Process 2-day course photo credit: joannapoe Learn how the federal budget process really works from faculty members with years of subject-matter expertise. Study important terminology and understand budgetary interests. We provide a comprehensive overview of current budget politics and the federal budgeting process. So you gain the awareness and guidance necessary to … Read more

Glossary of Legislative Terms: “Surplus”

See Budget Deficit / Budget Surplus (     Courses Congressional Operations Briefing – Capitol Hill Workshop Drafting Federal Legislation and Amendments Writing for Government and Business: Critical Thinking and Writing Custom, On-Site Training Congressional Operations Poster, with Federal Budget Process Flowchart Federal Budgeting, a Five-Course series on CD Congress, the Legislative Process, and the … Read more