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Preparing and Delivering Congressional Testimony

Preparing and Delivering Congressional Testimony

You know your issue better than anyone else. This 1-day course in Washington, DC, gives you the information and confidence necessary to testify before Congress, effectively presenting your case to Congress.

Our experienced faculty explores all aspects of testimony preparation including research, persuasion and the proper structure of both written and oral testimony. Participants learn delivery and listening techniques, ways to deal with anxiety and best practice techniques for addressing both Q&A sessions and challenging situations. You learn how to prepare congressional testimony and how to testify before Congress.

This course provides ample time to discuss concerns with faculty members while helping participants feel at-ease as they prepare testimony or actually deliver testimony on the Hill.

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Congressional Oversight and Investigation

From our Legislative Glossary:

Oversight: Committee review of the activities of a Federal agency or program.

Oversight Committee: A congressional committee, or designated subcommittee of a committee, charged with general oversight of one or more federal agencies activities. Usually, the oversight panel for a particular agency also is the authorizing committee for that agency’s programs and operations.

We recently released an overview of Congressional Oversight on audio CD:

Preparing for Congressional Oversight and Investigation, Audio CD Audio CD

Preparing for Congressional Oversight and Investigation

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