Finally…Lobbying Explained Clearly From A-Z

Former President of American League of Lobbyists Releases Definitive Step-By-Step Instruction Manual, Debunks Old Myths

When the stakes are as high as they are in lobbying, there’s no room for error. Deanna R. Gelak, former President of the American League of Lobbyists, has just published the definitive manual for would-be lobbyists: an essential resource for anyone involved in lobbying from the corporate, government, academic, or librarian perspective.
In 514 pages of well-researched, clearly-written, hands-on material, existing and prospective lobbyists (and those who work with them) will learn (among many other things):

  • Key provisions of laws every lobbyist has to be thoroughly familiar with (pp. 431-470)
  • Eight-page checklist: How to be super-effective when preparing and giving testimony (pp. 327-334)
  • Ten considerations for lobbyists conducting research (pp. 165-175)
  • How turnover and the “revolving door” affect lobbying (p. 299)
  • Where to hire a seat-holder to keep your place while waiting for an important hearing (p. 339)
  • How to relate to gatekeepers in Congressional and government offices (p. 148)
  • Map of where to park on Capitol Hill (pp. 382-383)

Using diagrams, graphics, checklists, call-outs and other features to humanize this complex material, Lobbying and Advocacy is a one-volume course containing everything a lobbyist, agency employee, or Congressional staffer needs to know about lobbying.
Along with all the practical information, the book also looks at the history of lobbying, and debunks several long-held myths–including the much-told story about the origin of the term in President Ulysses S. Grant’s frequent sojourns to the lobby of the Willard Hotel. Gelak proves (and shows the documents) that the term goes back at least to 1820, two years before Grant’s birth–and the practice is far older than that.
Lobbying And Advocacy: Winning Strategies, Recommendations, Resources, Ethics and Ongoing Compliance for Lobbyists and Washington Advocates: The Best of Everything Lobbying and Washington Advocacy, by Deanna R. Gelak
ISBN: 978-1-58733-104-6 (cloth, $67); 978-1-58733-100-8 (paper, $57)
Publisher: TheCapitol.Net
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