Legal Spectator & More

Legal Spectator & More

By Jacob A. Stein

Legal Spectator & More
Legal Spectator & More

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A compilation of Washington, DC, attorney Jacob Stein’s essays about lawyers, judges, clients, literature, and popular culture. The essays in this volume have previously appeared in Washington Lawyer, American Scholar, the Times Literary Supplement, and Wilson Quarterly.

The writings of Jacob Stein, columnist to the Washington Lawyer magazine since 1990, have recently been collected in a new book, Legal Spectator & More. They include selections from “Legal Spectator” in Washington Lawyer, as well as articles published in the American Scholar, Litigation, and other journals.

Stein, president of the D.C. Bar in 1982-83, began writing essays in 1968. According to Stein, he generally writes a column when he should be drafting a motion for summary judgment. “I like to get an O. Henry ending, a surprise ending,” he said, “which even O. Henry couldn’t do all the time.”

This book is the third compilation of Stein’s reminiscences about lawyers, judges, and clients. The essays range widely over literature and popular culture as well, and draw upon Stein’s acquaintances, famous, unknown, or forgotten.

“An Evening With Louis Armstrong,” for instance, recounts several hours in the company of Armstrong and a mutual friend. He recalls that Armstrong’s conversations were as artistic and entertaining as his music and that he was a firm, and outspoken, believer in the importance of a reliable daily laxative. [Ed. note: Swiss Kris]

The collection includes the essay that began the “Legal Spectator” column, “The Columbian Building,” about the Diana statute memorializing J.J. Darlington at Judiciary Square.

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