Media Relations Handbook

Media Relations Handbook, 2e

For Government, Associations, Nonprofits, and Elected Officials”The Big Blue Book”

By Bradford Fitch
Editor: Jack Holt

Media Relations Handbook, 2e: For Government, Associations, Nonprofits, and Elected Officials
Media Relations Handbook, 2e

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The Media Relations Handbook, 2e is required reading for Capitol Hill press secretaries, federal agency public affairs officers, political campaign spin doctors, public affairs officers (PAOs), public information officers (PIOs), nonprofit PR professionals, lobbyists or anyone involved in garnering media coverage. The Media Relations Handbook 2e explores theory and practice, discussing general principles and illustrating each point with real-life examples.

Human communication is a constant, continuous, and dynamic phenomenon. You cannot not-communicate nor can you un-communicate. For an individual entity, there is only ONE communication. Not multiple, not varieties, only one. That one communication is the culmination of all that has been communicated by the entity until the “now” in time. You cannot go back and un-communicate something. You can only begin from the “now” to create the intended outcome. That outcome is always a negotiation with the receiver/audience/community to cultivate an agreed understanding.

For a communication professional, understanding this fact is essential. No matter where you work, someone has been communicating something before you began. You cannot un-communicate it. You cannot create a new beginning; but you can begin now to create a new outcome. Research continues into the changes in communication wrought by the Internet and public expectations that are experiencing mercurial change.

As best practices are now being developed, the Media Relations Handbook 2e can give you guidance and ideas that will spark your innovation.

The Media Relations Handbook is available in both hardbound and softcover editions, and an ebook.

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2012, 332 pages
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