Congressional Operations Briefing – Capitol Hill Workshop

Congressional Operations Briefing – Capitol Hill Workshop

Congressional Operations Briefing and Seminar

Senate Agriculture Committee hearing
Senate Agriculture Committee hearing

Congressional decision-making is driven by politics, policy and process. This engaging 3-day Briefing and seminar on legislative operations provides the full Capitol Hill experience as our Washington-based experts focus on these 3 P’s. They discuss the policy-making process and the legislative agenda, help you understand the congressional budget process, and demystify the culture of the U.S. Congress.

You will gain a solid understanding of:

  • Congressional operations
  • The legislative process
  • The role of OMB in the legislative process
  • How legislation is modified and amended at different stages
  • House and Senate floor procedure
  • How public and foreign policy become law
  • Congressional politics and leadership
  • Congressional budgeting today
  • The role of committees
  • The committee hearing process (and see a congressional hearing in person)
  • Issues facing Congress
  • Effective communication with Congress
  • How the media covers the Hill, the White House, the Pentagon and national security
  • How Congress affects every federal agency
  • Current campaign and election trends
  • How members of Congress advance their legislative, public policy and political agendas
  • The roles and functions of personal and committee staff
  • How you can build win/win relationships with congressional staff

Seth Rogen Opening Statement (C-SPAN)

You will attend a congressional hearing and see the process in action. We will also have one or two separate lunch presentations: 1) a historical perspective of the overthrow of House Speaker Joseph Cannon in 1910 and how that shaped the current role of the House Speaker; or 2) a discussion of Congressional hearings and testimony-the dynamics of the hearing process and what makes for effective testimony. (These lunch presentations may vary depending on current events and scheduling.)

Course materials include the Training Editions of the Congressional Procedure and Persuading Congress, and the then-available Congressional Directory.

Space is limited.

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Bring the Capitol Hill Workshop to your site.

The Congressional Operations Briefing – Capitol Hill Workshop and any combination of its topics can be tailored for custom training, on-site or online, for your organization. We have tailored this Briefing for attorneys, program analysts, budget analysts, military officers, scientists, SES, engineers, policy staff, and others. We have a special defense focused custom briefing available.

Custom versions of the Capitol Hill Workshop are given for executives, managers, military officers, technical staff, attorneys, analysts and others who need a solid overview of Congress. This congressional briefing workshop is designed for executives, federal employees GS-13 and above, military officers, supervisory personnel, SES, and Leadership Development participants, to meet these leadership competencies: Strategic Vision, Planning and Quality; Identifying/Integrating Key Issues; Setting Work Priorities; Balancing National/Local Interests; Problem Anticipation/Adjustment; Managing Budgetary Processes; and Senior Level Communication.

The custom, on-site or online, Capitol Hill Workshop can be designed as a 3, 4, or 5 day program.

For more information about how this seminar in legislative operations can help your staff, please complete our Custom Program Information Request form.

For more than 40 years, TheCapitol.Net and its predecessor, Congressional Quarterly Executive Conferences, have been teaching professionals from government, military, business, and NGOs about the dynamics and operations of the legislative and executive branches and how to work with them.

Our custom on-site and online training, publications, and audio courses include congressional operations, legislative and budget process, communication and advocacy, media and public relations, testifying before Congress, research skills, legislative drafting, critical thinking and writing, and more.

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