Capitol Hill Workshop, 3-day course in Washington, DC, from TheCapitol.Net

Capitol Hill Workshop: Politics, Policy, and Process

Intensive 3-day congressional operations workshop

Capitol Hill Workshop: Politics, Policy, and Process

Congressional decision-making is driven by politics, policy and process. In this engaging workshop, Washington-based experts discuss these 3 P’s and help you understand the complete policy-making process.
You’ll get a solid understanding of:

  • Congressional operations and the legislative process
  • How public and foreign policy become law
  • Congressional politics and leadership
  • Congressional budgeting today
  • The role of OMB in the legislative process
  • Effective communication with Congress
  • How the media covers the Hill
  • Current campaign and election trends
  • How members of Congress advance their legislative, public policy and political agendas
  • How personal and committee staff work
  • How you can build win/win relationships with staffers

Attend a congressional hearing and see the process in action.

June 9-11, 2010, 8:30 am – 4 pm all three days.
Approved for 1.7 CEUs from George Mason University.
Approved for CEUs from George Mason University
Where: In Washington, DC
This is a required course for the Certificate in Congressional Operations and for the Certificate in Communication and Advocacy.
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